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Dynamicity in the cyberspace can be modeled as a spatiotemporal suite of events populated by computing devices arrivals and departures, communication channels uses, and multimodal interactions. Contemporary ubiquitous devices unleash the boundary of one-to-one human-computer interaction. It has become a de facto style of facilitating social events, in which participants use several distributed devices opportunistically through multimodal adaptive interaction. How people access multimodal media in different contexts of use is key to deliver the appropriate interactive systems to humans. Ubi-media Computing, as it is bravely defined, explores challenging issues on how to bring together technologies for context adaptation, inter-device interaction, and media/data communication for the well-being of humans.

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Call for Paper


The conference proceedings will be published by IET, with best papers to be recommended for publication in special issues of international journals. Topics of interests are divided based on four levels (not limited to):

Ubi-media Infrastructure
* Heterogeneous Ubi-media Infrastructure
* Ubiquitous Sensor Networks / RFID
* New Ubi-media Devices
* Multimedia Embedded Systems
* Ubi-media Storage and Indexing
* 3G and Advanced Communication Techniques
* Cross-Network Communication Techniques

Ubi-media Middleware
* Context-Aware Multimedia
* Cross-Network Media Server
* Computational Intelligences in Ubi-media
* Semantic Web and Knowledge Grid
* Ubi-media Content Protection and Security
* Privacy and Security in Ubiquitous Environments

Ubi-media Human-Computer Interaction
* Plasticity of User Interfaces
* Dynamic composition of User Interfaces
* Multimodal interaction
* Social networks

Ubi-media Applications
* Ubi-media for Education
* Ubi-media for Commerce
* Ubi-media for Games
* Ubi-media for Health Care
* Ubi-media for Smart Home
* Ubi-media for Citizens and E-Government